Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jacksonville Homecoming for Tim Tebow?

With the Jaguars cutting incumbent QB David Garrard today, a brief flurry of speculation if the team would go after trading for Tim Tebow, who they could probably get at a discount from Denver.

This is easy: They absolutely should try to trade for him for a very simple reason -- the franchise is a bit of a mess, and what we know is that Tebow's presence alone offers national media attention, cachet and, most of all, enthusiasm among the fan base (a perennial Jaguars problem).

Here's the thing: If Jack Del Rio -- like John Fox -- isn't willing to use Tebow creatively (if not as the starting QB), then it is entirely for marketing purposes. Now, that has its value, but you'd like to see Tebow's marketing value in north Florida paired with his football value.


  1. I like the idea but I think Del Rio doesn't want him. I really think they should trade for him and have a new coach to come in next year that knows how to use him.

  2. I can't imagine that the Jags execs want Tim. They just had the opportunity to draft him last year, but didn't.

    It's ironic that Gabbert was drafted by the Jags at the exact same spot (10th) that Tim would have been drafted by the Jags last year.