Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Broncos Lose Opener, Fans Chant for Tebow

Why were Broncos fans chanting for Tim Tebow last night in the Broncos' season opener?

Because Kyle Orton -- despite going over 300 yards passing -- was largely ineffective. He couldn't produce a touchdown for the offense until just minutes remained in the game, and his interception-and-fumble combo went a long way to costing the Broncos the game.

The whole idea from the Broncos' "brain trust" of Elway, Xanders and Fox was that Orton was "more prepared" to be the starter than Tebow. Sure didn't look like it.

If the Broncos were going to produce a limp offensive night in a loss, Tebow certainly couldn't have done worse than Orton. And, in that case, there is no reason the team shouldn't start Tebow.


  1. Normally I'd agree w/taking the 'what do you have to lose by starting Tebow?' mindset. But the Broncos had so many problems-both offense & defense-last night that I don't really want Tim to be at the helm of this particular Titanic. I like the way it was said at tebowseyeblack.com today: 'Better to be a witness to a train wreck than to be a victim of it. At least witnesses to a wreck can offer help when it is over.'.

  2. 13 points off turnovers. There's no telling how many turnovers TT might have had, but some of the inadequacies of the offense could have easily been offset by some creativity in the play calling. The offensive line was not able to hold off the defensive pressure and a more mobile QB would have forced Oakland to play it safe and keep at least one player in the box to spy.

  3. I think it's a more fascinating phenomenon that the chatter coming out of the Broncos locker room is consistently so pro-Orton. It's a bit of a stretch to say it's anti-Tebow, but you really don't get the sense that the charisma/"leadership" hallmarks of Tebow's tenure at Florida have won over his pro teammates.

  4. I agree to some extent with the comment above, but at the same time i'd say it is a wise move by the pros to remain on the side of the QB nominated by management. I'm sure if a change is made, they will change accordingly.

    That said, i'm not in full favour of dropping TT in right away. There is no shame or nothing wrong with improving as best he can as #2, just think Rodgers. When it's his time, he'll be ready.