Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Tim Tebow Can't...": Boomer Esiason Edition

"He can't play. He can't throw. I'm not here to insult him. The reality is he was a great college football player, maybe the greatest college football player of his time. But he's not an NFL quarterback right now."

"Just because he's God-fearing, and a great person off the field, and was a winner with the team that had the best athletes in college football, doesn't mean his game is going to translate to the NFL."

"What (former Broncos coach) Josh McDaniel saw in him God only knows. Maybe God does know — because the rest of us don't."

-- "NFL Today" analyst Boomer Esiason, trying to score cheap points by trolling Tebow for an audience of sports-media reporters who know that anything they publish about Tebow will get lots of attention. (The "God" stuff is particularly cheap -- you don't have to be religious to find that type of comment to be an unnecessary attempt by Esiason to draw attention to himself. The "I'm not here to insult him, but..." was a particularly inane touch.)


  1. Man, what has Tim Tebow done to deserve this level of acrimony?

  2. Meanwhile, Joe Montana is advocating that Tim not change his throwing motion at all:

    Since Tim seems to perform much better when people criticize him, Boomer's criticism isn't such a bad thing.

  3. Every time someone says "Tebow can't throw" I automatically think about some of the picture perfect passes he made at Florida. Receivers flying down the field, catching a pass from Tebow in perfect stride... Have people completely forgotten these plays?