Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tebow's Development Curve Looks Good

ESPN's Chris Sprow has a must-read (via Insider) about Tim Tebow's long-term prospects, which he is very bullish about.

He draws the smart comparison to Steve Young when Young was a 25-year-old struggling to run Tampa's offense. Young, of course, became a Hall of Famer -- an all-time great QB -- when he got to the 49ers and played in a system designed by the greatest mind in pro football history, Bill Walsh. (But a transition certainly not made any easier by the presence of legend Joe Montana.)

It isn't unreasonable to argue -- in fact, it's something argued here for more than a year -- that it will take as fearless and imaginative a coaching mind as Walsh had (if that's even possible these days) for Tebow to realize his vast NFL potential. You can only hope that someday, he finds it. It might not be in Denver. In fact, if Young's model is any indicator, it won't happen in Denver.

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