Monday, August 22, 2011

Tebow In Denver...Or Elsewhere

I think most Tebow fans -- and they transcend parochial interest in the Broncos (in truth, they would have rooted for Tebow wherever he was drafted) -- are interested in one thing:

That Tebow end up with an NFL coach who is secure enough and brilliant enough to deploy him in an unorthodox way that maximizes Tebow's unique skills and optimizes their own team's chances.

I'm not sure that exists in the NFL -- the late (and best-ever) Bill Walsh is long gone; the Steve Young comparison falls flat not because of Tebow, but because of NFL coaching.

If Denver isn't committed to doing that with Tebow, then it's in Tebow's best interests if the team lets him go, either through trade or release. (If the latter, I'll bet Bill Belichick finds room.)

It's funny: The Broncos had an amazing opportunity -- play Tebow full-time to give him a shot (and try to develop him).

If Tebow failed utterly, the consolation prize was being in a position to draft Andrew Luck to replace Tebow; if he did OK, they are that much further to having a long-term solution at QB.

The team's milquetoast approach is doing themselves -- not to mention Tebow or Broncos fans -- no favors.


  1. Completely agree, but it's still early. He started the last 3 games last year, maybe he'll get his chance later this year.

  2. One of the most important things for a career is to have people who believe in you. If the Denver brass does not believe Tebow can help them win that is their right but Tebow should try to force a trade or something so he can move on with his career.

  3. I am a Tim Tebow supporter and I don't buy into what the critics like Merill Hodge and Mel Kiper Jr. say.Keep in mind none of them were good football players and Kiper can't even predict who the number 1 draft pick is every year.In my opinion,Kyle Orton is an average quarterback,just like Jay Cutler all hype,no results.I am a Miami Dolphin fan and I wasn't thrilled when Miami was trying to get Orton.None of these guys came close to winning a Heisman and as good as Cam Newton was last year he still couldn't break all of Tebow's records.Tim is a proven winner on and off the field and will succeed when given his chance.He out-threw Sam Bradford in the National Championship game 2 years ago.In Tim's first NFL game he became only the second player in NFL history to run for a 40 yard+ touchdown and throw for a 40 yard+ touchdown in the same game.The last pre-season game Tim was 6/7 for 93 yards (including a 43 yard bomb over 3 defenders),while Orton was only 2/7 for 37 yards.But all the ESPN analysts focused on was the 1 pass Tim did not complete.It's a joke,Orton had 5 bad passes.It doesn't add up.Then Denver only allows Tebow to throw 2 passes this last game?I also disagree with the so-called experts that say that intangibles are overrated,we see this succeed everyday in sports and it cannot be coached.When you are good you are going to have negativistic people hating on you,it is in their unhappy DNA and attitude,just like it's in Tebow's DNA and attitude to be a winner.Use it as fuel,afterall 24/7 of sports talk T.V.,there has to be some garbage on to kill time like Merrill Hodge and Mel Kiper's comments.Keep working hard Tim Tebow,you are a winner.