Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ESPN's Rick Reilly Sacks Tim Tebow

"He'll be a wonderful cheerleader."

That's the kicker of Rick Reilly's column that buries Tim Tebow.

More from the column:

*"It's over. Orton won by the kind of margin Kim Jong Il wins elections. If it had been a pee wee basketball game, they'd have turned the scoreboard off."

*"The Heisman Trophy winner looks stiff under center. Most quarterbacks go snap-step-step-step-throw. Tebow goes snap-step-step-step-think-ponder-think-some-more-finally-decide-throw-three-feet-behind-the-receiver."

*[Starting Orton] "It's the only choice Denver could make. The entire locker room wants Orton. In the NFL, you have to start the guy the players think they can win behind. They see. They watch film. They know what's working. 'If they picked Tebow now," said a source within the team, "the coaching staff would totally lose the players.'"

*"This lockout crushed Tebow. He's such a hard worker that he would've been at Bronco headquarters every day in the offseason, learning coverages, working on his three-step drop, soaking up every word new coach John Fox uttered. But instead, he reported to camp in fantastic shape physically but still flabby technically."

*Reilly offers one concession: "If I were playing in a streetball game where the losing team has to move permanently to a time-share in Kabul, I'd take Tebow every time."

Yeesh. But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

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  1. I wonder what Reilly would have written had Orton scrimmaged against the #1 defense while Tebow enjoyed more breathing time against the #2 defense...