Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Years Ago Today, Launched

Two years ago today, I launched, promising obsessive coverage of the Tim Tebow phenomenon. (Here is that opening post.)

In part, it was because as a journalist, I thought Tim Tebow and his story throughout the 2009 season -- from trying to repeat as national champ to the NFL Draft -- was the most compelling story in sports.

In part, it was because as someone immersed in the media industry, I wanted to see if I could create a popular destination not about a sport or a team, but a single topic -- a single player. I thought that there was a fan appetite for that and was curious about the larger implications.

In part, it was because I was a huge Florida fan and -- in particular -- a huge Tim Tebow fan. I don't think I could have dedicated the time and energy to the project if I wasn't personally passionate about the topic, while still able to maintain a journalist's eye for good stories and analysis.

That stretch from July 2009 through the end of the season in January 2010 (really the SEC title game the first Saturday of December 2009), then the sprint from January through the NFL Draft in April 2010 remains one of the most memorable stints of my career.

I am grateful for the readers who found the site interesting. I am grateful for the community of people who commented and emailed. I am grateful that my hypothesis was right -- Tebow WAS the biggest story in sports that fall and spring; it led to a never-ending source of material.

Since the Draft, posting on the site has been spotty -- partly, that's because Tebow didn't play a whole lot in the fall of 2010 (and things really slowed down these past six months of 2011); partly, it's because I launched my company and its first product ( That said, I still update the site whenever interesting things happen (say, the "Through My Eyes" book launch and subsequent vault up the bestseller lists) and certainly when Tebow and the Broncos return to the field next month for training camp and the season.

If I have a regret, it is only that during a window of opportunity from December 2009 through the fall of 2010, I didn't take all the notes I had compiled -- both published on the site and never published on the site -- and write the book about Tebow I really wanted to. Obviously, it would be a bit different than "Through My Eyes" -- actually, it would be about Tebow through my eyes, the eyes of a fan and someone who "obsessively covered the Tebow phenomenon."

I thought that was a story worth telling -- I still do, and I think that in the same way you can today read something like Nick Hornby's classic "Fever Pitch" about an English soccer season of 20 years ago with complete enjoyment, I will someday write that Tebow book in a way that is as much about the universal lessons of that 2009 season and of fandom as it is about anything.

I'm excited to take this blog into Year 3 and I'm excited about trying to nip and tuck at the margins of my life in order to make that book a reality someday. If you really want to have fun, look at the Archives section on the right side of the site and take a trip back to that July of 2009 when the insanity of that season really began. It feels like a hundred years ago yet it still feels like last week. It was that much fun.

Thanks for joining me on the ride. More to come.

-- Dan


  1. I'm glad you're going to update us periodically. It was a great ride. Of course, Gator fans want Tim to have success in the NFL (if there is an NFL). The Tim Tebow story isn't over yet, so you may still get your book opportunity.

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