Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tebow Talks to Woody Paige

Denver Post columnist (and Tebow-backer from Draft Day 2010) Woody Paige did a Q&A with Tim Tebow that was published today. The most interesting answer came after Paige asked Tebow for his strengths and weaknesses:

"I'd say the strength I'd look at is it's still football, and I still have the ability to play quarterback, run around, make things happen, improvise, and it wasn't too fast for me. It felt the same as high school and college. It wasn't anything like "Oh, shoot, this is the NFL, this is hard. I can't do this." If anything, by playing, it gave me that much more confidence because I thought, "Wow, I can really play at a high level." I'd done it successfully before, and these were the same guys I had been doing it against in college.

"My biggest weakness was the timing of certain plays. For instance, I had two "go" routes against San Diego, one on the left to (Brandon) Lloyd, one on the right to (Jabar) Gaffney, and on the first I was too late with the play-action, and Brandon already got out of his break and was too close to the sidelines. So we had a 15-yard route for a first down, but I didn't make the throw. I had the same play on the other side, and my timing wasn't there. It wasn't because of my arm strength, delivery or lack of understanding of the plays, but a lack of reps. I also found out that while I can use my athletic ability to scramble, I can't take too many hits. We were doing whatever we could to win because they were two crazy games, but it's not good to play too recklessly."

Really like the level of nuance Tebow applies to his weaknesses, remembering precisely what he did wrong and why it went wrong. (Hear that, Coach Fox? MORE REPS.)

See the whole interview here.

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