Monday, February 21, 2011

FTU Q&A with Tim Tebow

"If I believe in everything and feel it’s right, I wouldn’t mind it. But I have my priorities in a certain order. I just don’t have the time right now to do a lot of commercials and ads. If we can find time, yeah, it’d be great to help a company you believe in."

-- Tim Tebow, in a wide-ranging interview with the Florida Times-Union covering everything from his rookie season to the Broncos' coaching change to his book to his golf tournament to his bachelorhood to the above quote, related to his endorsement opportunities. The whole thing is worth a read. (Per the quotes about the book, wow, would I like to have explored writing that with him. I was recently looking back over the Teblog archive, and it could have been really interesting.)

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  1. Dan, would you consider putting the Tim Teblog into a book in its entirety? I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!! Not to mention what I'd save in ink for my printer!!!