Monday, January 3, 2011

Broncos Tebow: It Ends Really Well

Let's just make something clear:

If Tim Tebow had been given the starting opportunities of Sam Bradford, I think Tebow would have given Bradford a real race for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

At the very least, I think he would have out-performed Bradford statistically -- even if the Rams finished a lot better than the Broncos as a team

On the season, Tebow finished with 11 TDs -- 5 passing and 6 rushing. Let's remember that was from all of 3 games started and 13 other assorted snaps. No NFL player was more TD efficient.

(For the record, my preseason prediction was that Tebow would have between 7-10 TDs -- and I was considered wildly bullish on that. What does it say that even *I* was too low?)

Now just imagine how he would have done had he been given the reins earlier in the season -- it is easy in hindsight, but the Broncos as a team couldn't have done much worse if he had.

Instead, we are left with the tantalizing previous three weeks to affirm that Tim Tebow will be a very productive QB in the NFL.

Not a Wildcat gimmick. Not a backup. But a bonafide starting NFL QB. And we learned that in far less than his rookie season -- Tebow proved it in just three games.

Tebow will be much better next season for the experience over the past month. And he will be even better after the 2011 season.

Now, a lot remains to be seen: Who will the Broncos' next coach be? And will he be willing to give Tebow a chance to develop and improve? Chances are, he will.

Meanwhile, there is still much to come on the Tebow front: The ESPN documentary about Tebow between the Senior Bowl and the NFL Draft is on Thursday night.

Tebow's FRS sponsorship will go national, leading up to the Super Bowl. And there will be a ton of build-up for the release of Tebow's book "Through My Eyes" in April.

On a personal front, I will continue to cover the Tebow beat here. I have way too much fun to stop now, even if I won't get my own Tebow book out before Tebow's arrives in a few months.

Meanwhile, I have spent much of the past year founding my own company, a media start-up called "Quickish" that will be launching its first product next week.

I think it's something you all will really like -- even if it isn't all Tebow all the time. I hope you won't mind me keeping you updated on the launch and the company's progress.

(For example, you can "like" Quickish on Facebook and follow it on Twitter, and that will be a great way to stay updated.)

I have really appreciated the support you've given this blog, and it would mean a lot to me if you would give my new company's product a try -- and tell your friends!

The Tebow fan community is a huge one that I have gotten to know so well over the past 18 months -- I look forward to having you along for the ride with this new company.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is: That was a heck of a rookie season by Timmy Tebow.

-- Dan


  1. Too bad there were a couple of TD drops or his stats would have been even better. Of course, Tim would have traded those TDs for "W'." You're right, if he would have more playing time he would have adjusted to the game that much faster and his stats would have been near the top with respect to rookies. I think his teammates appreciates Tim work ethic and desire to win. I'm already looking forward to the 2011 season!

    Thanks for the tip on the Tebow documentary on ESPN. I've got my DVR queued up.

  2. Dan, I have a kind of weird theory.. I think guys like Tebow and Peyton Manning coming out of the SEC have a tougher time transitioning than QBs from other conferences.. my theory is that it is more difficult to be a successful passer in the SEC because you have to pass down field more rather than making short passes which will allow you to be successful initially like Bradford and McCoy and many other non-SEC QBs that are successful.

    Tebow has said he needs to try not to be so aggressive passing downfield and checkdown more. Peyton Manning had a huge number of interceptions his rookie year.

    This is why I think Tebow and Peyton may have tough transitions initially.. but down the road they are more mor eprepared for success than these guys trained to make short efficient passes predominantly. I was wondering if you might have any info to support this or not.

  3. Tim Tebow played well with 3 TD VS the Chargers (Rivers ,w no TD)to lose by only 5 points and could have won it with the 2 Hail Mary passes. He gave the Broncos a chance to win unlike when the team played with Orton as QB in November when the were embarrassed.

    As much as I wanted Tim and the Broncos to win, I was okay with the close loss because the team held on to their #2 draft pick. If they won, they move down to #5 pick. I hope the Denver Broncos will draft wisely this season to help Tim out.