Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Broncos Tebow: Fox's Choice

Here's how I choose to take the news that John Fox isn't ready to immediately declare Tim Tebow his starting QB in Denver and to open it to whichever QB earns it:

Bring it on.

Nothing will bring out the best in Tebow like a competition, particularly one based on meritocracy: Who's going to earn it? Who will help the team most? Who wants it more?

If it's about working hardest? If it's about helping the team most? If it's about desire and will?

Tebow will be the starting QB for the Broncos next fall.

Maybe they should let Tebow handle the mediation between the players' union and the owners, so we can HAVE a "next fall."


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-- D.S.


  1. While I respect Tim on many levels, hard work without competance is not enough. Leadership alone is not enough. What is still unknown is Tim's ability to process information in real time, this is very important and hard work will only go so far. I truely wish and accept that Tim will be a great success!!!

  2. It is competence btw

  3. How do you determine who gives you the best chance to win though?

    we saw last season.. Tebow doesn't do things like other QBs but look how much better he looked than Orton when it comes to winning games.. even with no preparation time.

    I don't see how anyone could say Orton should have been the starter over Tebow after what we saw last season.. yet if you go by the criteria that made that happen last season it will likely happen again next season. This whole thing shows how bad people are at evaluating QBs in the NFL. And fans are even worse.