Saturday, December 18, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Tebow Time!

Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, Tim Tebow will be the Broncos' starting QB tomorrow in Oakland, with a scheduled 4:15 ET kickoff.

This is huge. I'm not quite sure how else to put it. For Tebow fans, this is the moment we have been waiting for since the first day of the NFL Draft -- if not the moment this year his college eligibility ended and his pro career began.

There is no guarantee that he will succeed tomorrow. There is no guarantee he will throw for 300 yards. Or 3 TDs passing, with another 2 rushing TDs -- typical of his career at Florida.

However, there is a 100 percent guarantee that he will play as hard as he did in any game at UF. And there is a 100 percent guarantee that Tebow will be the most-watched -- and most fascinating -- storyline of the late-afternoon NFL schedule, if not the entire day.

Win or lose, big stats or not, this is what we all wanted to see. Tebow will gain invaluable experience that will only make him more effective next week, next year and throughout his career.

I couldn't be more excited for tomorrow, and I'm sure you feel the same way as me.

-- D.S.


  1. "I couldn't be more excited for tomorrow, and I'm sure you feel the same way as me."

    Yes. :)

  2. Time for Oakland to find out what it means to get Tebow'ed!

    Go Broncos!

  3. Does anybody know how I can view the Broncos game either via cable or online here in FL? It will be shown on CBS in Denver.


    Links for all the day's games are at the bottom of the page.

  5. This is my favorite site for watching games online:

    You click on the game you want to see & the links for that game will appear. Then click on one of those links to see if it works.

    Some sites & links require special software to use which is why I like firstrow. There's usually at least 1 link that doesn't require extra software to use.

    Another site that sometimes has a good link is But it also often requires extra software.

  6. Ain't it great to be right! Already a passing & rushing touchdown. Already set a Broncos record in his first start. Go Timmy!!!

  7. Tim played great and scored the only touchdowns for the Broncos in the loss. The Broncos defense is just awful. I hope the Broncos draft a defensive player to help the team.

    I am hoping they will get a win against the Texans next week.

  8. Question is... If Orton is healthy, will Tebow get the start?