Monday, December 20, 2010

Broncos Tebow: It's a Start

I live out-of-market for Broncos games, so I had to head to my nearest bar equipped with DirecTV to watch Tim Tebow's debut as an NFL starting QB yesterday afternoon.

The rest of the folks there were either for the Jets or Steelers, but I out-whooped them all when Tebow, on 3rd-and-24, galloped for that 40-yard TD. What a classic "Tebow" moment.

Then, on the very next drive, when Tebow threw that lob into the end zone, I -- like everyone else watching on TV -- saw on replay that the catch was good for a TD.

Now, the catch was amazing -- but let's not underrate the throw, which split two defenders and gave Brandon Lloyd ANY chance at making a play.

Boom: Two series, two TDs -- one rushing, one passing. Classic Tebow -- and it was only his first start ever.

The performance was more than an acquittal of Tebow's NFL-worthiness; it was a statement that he has the potential to have a big impact on the game.

Don't hang the Broncos' loss on Tebow -- everyone recognizes that it was Denver's D that failed the team. On offense, let's see less calls for line-plunges by Tebow and more scoots around the outside that worked so well in the first half of the game.

But all in all, it was about as good of a start as you could have hoped for: Big, signature, TD-scoring plays, complemented by competent game management totally worthy of an NFL QB making his first start.

It's a start. A great start, in fact.

UPDATE: After filing this post, just read Woody Paige's column today. It's a must-read, as you would expect, and we're on the same page.


  1. I was a complete girlie-girl watching Tim yesterday. Clappy hands and squealing rounded out the fist pumps and jumps my family had to endure. I don't care what the scoreboard reflected, in the end, it was a pretty darn good Sunday.

  2. I think Jabar Gaffney said it best...

    "If we're going to put him out there, we might as well turn him loose. He can throw. We just can't handcuff him. Let him throw. Turn him loose and let him play."

    — Wide receiver Jabar Gaffney about Tebow, who only attempted 16 passes. He completed eight for 138 yards, with one touchdown.

  3. I like this little factoid in USA Today--

    Tebow joined Michael Vick and Kordell Stewart as the only QBs in league history to have a rushing TD of at least 40 yards and a passing TD of 30 yards in the same game. And he did it in a hostile environment -- the Black Hole -- where fans were taunting him.

  4. Ditto to what everyone else here has said, especially Ana Margarita. I hope my neighbors didn't hear me yelling :D.

  5. Tebow to start next weekend against the Texans.

  6. A little surprising that this little tid-bit hasn't gotten any play... Sunday morning at about 11:30am, Tim tweeted a Bible verse. Since the NFL won't allow the eye black messages he had to find another way to get the word out. This was a good one too. His tweet read simply "Psalm 23:4".

    4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

    Perfect choice for a first NFL start in the black hole.

  7. @Dan: The Bible verse hasn't gotten mentioned here, but the site has mentioned it, as well as the fact that Tebow also wrote the verse on his armband:

    Also, Lindsay Jones at the Denver Post mentioned his Bible verse in a couple of columns.

  8. Hey guys, don't miss the four part series that IAOFM just started that is dissecting every pass from Tim's first game:

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