Monday, December 13, 2010

Broncos Tebow: It Is Tebow Time

This cannot be stated more plainly: It is time to start Tim Tebow.

Not just to give Tim Tebow a couple of snaps per game -- the team missed that opportunity, and it might have helped cost Josh McDaniels his job. Now the Dude is falling into the same hole.

I simply cannot believe that in a meaningless game like yesterday's, Tim Tebow didn't play. At this point, it doesn't matter if he steps in and stumbles around like a fool. Just play him.

But we are beyond that: It is time to start him. The team has nothing to lose. Tebow will go up the learning curve dramatically. And -- look at that -- a crappy, losing team will be must-see.

Start Tim Tebow. Let him play. Whatever your slogan or chant, it's time to get louder.


  1. Dan, I couldn't agree more. I am convinced that something is going on behind the scenes. What other explanation is there? Poor Tim! He has to be frustrated but doesn't let it show. Here's an interesting read for all the Tim Tebow fans out there on yesterdays game:

  2. Thanks for the link, Kate. That's a great article. And the comments by AZ fans are very pro-Tim, which is good to see.

  3. "The team has nothing to lose."

    Actually, the team does have something to lose: draft position. If they start winning, their 2011 draft picks will be lower. That might also explain why the guy who was chosen to be the interim head coach was-of all people-the Running Backs coach. Maybe the PTB are hoping he'll be just as awful as HC as he has been as RBC, so Denver can get high draft picks next year?

    Or maybe Tim really is playing terribly in what little practice he's been given. His QB coach, Ben McDaniels, apparently never had any coaching experience prior to becoming an asst to his brother last year. That doesn't sound like someone who could do a good job of helping Tim to improve.

  4. Isn't this just dandy? A 5th round, 24th pick, quarterback from Fordham leads his team to victory while a 1st round, 1st rate QB plays catch on the sidelines all afternoon...

  5. Put him out there and you know you're going to get his best-Tebow puts heart into everything he does. Imagine getting picked then not being used the way you had hoped. Seems like there is some other unspoken reason they arent using him...

  6. Came across this post yesterday. To me it might be the best explanation on why Tebow hasn't played.

  7. Thanks for the link, IDWPJ. He made some good points.