Thursday, December 16, 2010

Broncos Tebow: I Think He'll Play

I'm going to make a prediction: I think Tim Tebow will play this Sunday.

Now, that's risky, given how this season has gone. I mean, if he didn't get in the game the LAST time the Broncos played the Raiders, why now?

For starters, Josh McDaniels is gone. And interim coach Eric Dudesville, while eager to play it safe by naming Kyle Orton his starting QB, simply doesn't have the juice to withstand the pressure. But that assumes that Dudesville doesn't want to play Tebow.

The reality is that it is the SAFEST thing to do: What folks don't seem to get is that fans don't care how well Tebow plays -- at least not yet.

They just want to see him play, period.

The same logic holds for why the Broncos -- otherwise totally irrelevant to the season -- become one of the first three highlights you'd see on Sunday if they play Tebow: He simply commands that much attention. And the Broncos, frankly, could use the cachet.

Kyle Orton's injury (or "injury") provides the perfect cover. Tebow already has taken snaps this week with the first team; it is a short leap to put him in the game.

It's Tebow Time.


  1. It sounds like Dan might be right. According to Lindsay Jones w/the Denver Post, it was Tim taking preps w/the 1st team today, not Orton:

  2. I hope TT will play this Sunday, He deserves the chance to play...I hope and pray that if he starts this weekend, his team will be supportive to him. Some players like BL, insisted that KO should still be the starter. I think that is just so selfish knowing that KO is injured. The team should support whoever is the QB, they are there to play for the whole team not individual person. I understand that some of them are more loyal to the veteran QB, but they should let go of any hate or jealousy that they might have against TT...It's not his fault that he is rich and famous and so loved by many...He is one special person!!!

  3. I think the main reason BL wants KO is because they've developed such a strong chemistry. Problem is, the KO>BL connection hasn't won us any games lately. As a Broncos fan since the Broncos beat the Raiders in the 77 AFC Championship (my first game), I can tell you that TT starting Sunday, in Oakland, is the stuff of legend. It's going to be wet and muddy, according to the weather people, and *nothing* endears a new Broncos QB to Broncos fans more than going toe-to-toe with the Raiders in Oakland. It's going to be tough, relentless, hard-nosed football in an extremely hostile environment -- which is why I love the idea. The Raiders are legendary for their cheap shots and their poor sportsmanship. Tim is the anti-Raider, the perfect answer after the blowout we suffered a few weeks back. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Tim to go down there and get beat up by the likes of Richard Seymour. But if anyone can handle that situation with class and effort, it's #15. Hope he plays.

  4. Hey, if Cleveland could capitulate and start McCoy, why can't Denver?

  5. #15 starts in week 15. Too perfect not to happen!

  6. agree with you's way too perfect!!!

  7. It's official! Tim is starting!!!