Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brand Tebow: FRS Drink Deal

Did you think it was a lock that Tim Tebow would sign a sports-drink endorsement deal with Gatorade? Think again.

Tebow signed a deal with FRS -- a drink he had used personally before and at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Here is what makes the deal innovative: Tebow reportedly got equity in the company as part of the relationship. This is huge.

When Vitamin Water was first starting out, they gave a slice of equity to 50 Cent to be an endorser. When the company exploded, 50 Cent made millions more than he would have as a regular endorser.

Tim Tebow's marketing portfolio is well-diversified: Natural fits like EA, market leaders like Nike, interesting "mainstream" partners like Jockey and, now, a calculated reach with a market insurgent, like FRS.

Team Tebow came up with a really impressive effort on this one.


  1. I love the articles about how surprisingly clever in business Tim (& Robby & Angel) is. If it weren't for this blog, I would have missed this. Thanks, Dan.

  2. I still somewhere deep down think that Gatorade may have been one of the companies that shied away after the whole Super Bowl ad "controversy." Their loss, if so, I say.

  3. FRS is available and on sale at GNC($5 off a 4 pack for the cans and chews). I went to the website today and they really need to have more information on their site. I already have a GNC card and it gives me a discount the first week of every month on stuff I buy. If this stuff works like I hope it will it might be on my shopping list every month!

  4. Hey guys, don't miss the four part series that IAOFM just started that is dissecting every pass from Tim's first game:


  5. I just discovered IAOFM today & think it's a great site.

  6. According to this article Pepsi's Gatorade and Coca Cola's Powerade were also in a bidding war for Tim's endorsement but he decided to pick FRS instead .

    This is a huge PR for FRS since most TT and Gator fans just like me have never heard of this drink .I was curious to check out the product in their website.

  7. Dan:

    It's certainly uncommon, but Tebow's not the first athlete to get an ownership stake as part of an endorsement deal.

    To entice Tom Brady to leave Nike, Under Armour gave him an ownership stake.