Monday, November 8, 2010

Tebow Memoir: "Through My Eyes"

Tim Tebow will publish a memoir -- "Through My Eyes" -- in April 2011.

The book will be published by Harper Collins; Tebow will collaborate with Nathan Whitaker, who helped Tony Dungy write his best-selling books.

Expect Tebow's book to similarly dominate the best-seller list. I predict it will be No. 1 in the New York Times bestseller list by its 2nd week. (It should lead Amazon by its first day of release, if not earlier.) I'll go further: It will be the No. 1-selling sports book of 2011.

I'm really excited to hear that it will hit the shelves so soon -- coinciding with the NFL Draft, a timely moment. (In fact, when I was developing out the Tebook, that was the publication date that was suggested to me.)

Speaking of the Tebook -- the book byproduct of the work I put into this blog (but mostly new material, and only using the blog as a reference) -- it will have to take a backseat to other things, for now.

(But inspired by the news of Tebow's memoir, maybe I will polish up what I had already done and self-publish an e-book. It's a nice complement to Tebow's book.)

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