Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Start Him? Not Yet

"You want to throw Tebow into that mess? Tremendous idea ... as long as you also happen to like the idea of finishing 2-14."

That's Yahoo's MJD making the argument that starting Tim Tebow over Kyle Orton right now would be entertaining, but entailing a whole lot of losing, too.

I agree with MJD that it isn't time for Tebow to start... yet.

But let me qualify with a wholeheartedly Bad-News-Bears-style "Let! Him! Play!"

Let's see more reps for Tebow. Start with short yardage situations in the middle of the field (and not just on 4th down!). Layer in some opportunities to throw passes and not just plow ahead for a yard or two. Then start testing innovative formations that put Tebow in a position to help the team more consistently -- but in ways that take advantage of his skills.

That's what everyone was hoping for when the Broncos drafted him, right?

There was never a guarantee that Tebow would start -- plenty of NFL QBs spent their rookie year on the bench, learning. But Tebow can actually help the Broncos in games right now, all while accruing on-field, in-game experience that will help next year, 2012 or whenever he eventually starts.

I'm not asking Josh McDaniels to start Tim Tebow. I'm simply asking the coach to play him.


  1. I completely agree. And thanks for the 'Bad News Bears in Breaking Training' reference. I love that scene.

  2. I'm really torn on whether Tebow should start or not. I think he could play very well and win games.. but I also think the team could be so demoralized now that the whole thing would implode and it damages Tim.

    It also bugs me that fans were against Tebow starting and went the "safe" direction with Orton and now they want Tim to come in and play when the life has been sucked out of the team.

  3. Failing to keep my mouth shut once again-I consider it ironic that a 'QB guru' would allow his first round pick to repeatedly run into the center of the D-line. Gosh, wonder what he could do with even the possibility of passing? All the bobble-heads=yup, told you he couldn't pass.

    Play-offs are (by even the barest statistical possibility) out of the question after the next loss. I agree @RR, the team is injured and down. I don't think Tim has had any (other than his 3 play package) 1st team reps so they'll probably start him and open up the entire playbook? Srsly, I just hope he can get some playing time.

  4. I don't think Tebow not getting any passes in the games to this point is any indication of his ability in any way. I think that was about protecting Tim AND Orton as the starting QB and preventing a QB controversy. Orton played just well enough to make everyone think he could be the QB the Broncos needed so McD didn't want to mess with Orton's psyche or rhythm in any way.

    And as for protecting Tebow.. we have never seen a rookie QB with the kind of scrutiny Tebow has coming out of college. He can't have a bad game like any other rookie because the media and all his haters will crucify him. I am certain this is why McD has been so conservative with Tebow passing the ball.

    But it is really funny how history repeats itself.. especially with Tebow.. and especially because no one even realizes it. Tebow's passing was doubted after his first season at Florida because Meyer rarely let Tebow pass the ball. Then Tim comes out the next season as starter and passes the ball as well as anyone has in college history and wins the Heisman as a sophomore for the first time in college football history.

    In retrospect it is obvious why Meyer limited Tebow's passing so much that first year -- it was politics. The Florida fans were clamoring for Tebow to start even seeing him pass the ball in th limited role he had. If they had seen more of it they would have definitely demanded it then you have a full blown QB controversy.. not just with the fans but likely with the players on the team as well. I think McD is dealing with the same kinds of issues this season is well.. and I thin when Tebow gets his chance to play he is going to really surprise people just like he did in college and even like the preseason. I don't see how people can miss how well he played in preseason even with his rookie mistakes.