Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Nothing to Lose

I'm not arguing that Tim Tebow should start. I'm arguing that Josh McDaniels has nothing to lose by deploying Tebow more innovatively (or, alternatively, more at all).

So he puts Tebow in the backfield and Tebow throws an INT. So what? So he puts Tebow back there and instead of gaining 10 yards, Tebow only gains 2. So what? So he decreases Kyle Orton's snaps-per-game by a half-dozen or dozen or so. So what?

Because I could just as easily see: Tebow throwing completions for first downs or TDs. Or Tebow running for those 10 yards. Or Orton not being treated like a fragile flower who will wilt if he doesn't get ALL the snaps. Cripes: He's a stand-up pro QB; he can handle it.

The point is that this is the stretch of the season -- the point in the season where the Broncos have no shot at the playoffs and need to be scheming for success next year -- where they have nothing to lose by being innovative when it comes to Tebow.

Unless... well, McDaniels isn't as innovative as we once thought. (Here's a thought experiment: How many touches do you think Tim Tebow would have had by now if he was playing for Bill Belichick? If he has had 13 for McDaniels, I'll go with at least double that for the Genius, and I'll take Tebow's 4 TDs through 10 games and double them, too.)

McD is going to ride his sudden fealty to NFL orthodoxy all the way to an eventual ouster.

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  1. I've been thinking the same thing. Every time they show a shot of Tebow on the sideline just itchin' to get in I think about how tough it must be for HIM to not be in the game. I don't want to say his time is always wasted on the sidelines, but good grief, Tebow was their 1st round draft pick - play the guy!