Monday, November 1, 2010

Broncos Tebow: London Calling... a TD

Looks like Broncos coach Josh McDaniels no longer finds the idea of using Tim Tebow as something closer to a running back than a quarterback -- certainly as a quarterback whose primary threat is to run -- no longer "ridiculous" (or whatever McD called it a few weeks ago).

Inside the 5, Tebow will simply get the ball in the end zone, as he showed yesterday in (very) limited usage. In a Broncos offense that sputters, Tebow delivers points.

It would be great if McDaniels expanded that to let Tebow have the ball inside the 20, or in short-yardage situations in the middle of the field (and not necessarily only on 4th down and short).

That's 2 TDs on the season for Tebow. I seem to recall a bookmaker setting the odds of Tebow's season TD total at 1.5 -- and at the time, me scoffing at that. Halfway through the season, he has already topped that prediction -- with a lot more to come if McDaniels would use him more.

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