Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Another Lost Week

I feel about last night's Monday Night Football blowout a bit like I felt about the Raiders blowout -- not quite as hostile, but still plenty disappointed: Josh McDaniels didn't even TRY to deploy Tim Tebow last night.

Not inside the red-zone, not in short-yardage situations. Not once.

It is hard to accept, given that the Broncos' season -- at least in terms of playoff hopes -- is over. I don't expect McDaniels to start Tim Tebow anytime soon, but you would think that he would at least experiment with him in new and interesting ways.

This is doubly true if the expectation is that McDaniels will stick with Kyle Orton next year, using Tim Tebow in spot moments. (That sounds familiar. If it's anything like this season, don't hold your breath.)

You would think that the coach of a team out of the playoff picture would have a bit more of a nothing-to-lose attitude about developing his 1st-round pick and future QB -- heck, even developing a unique asset that can be used alongside Orton.

(You'd hope McDaniels would be paying even a glimpse of attention to what Urban Meyer is doing in Gainesville, where lining up a dual-threat QB in the same backfield as the single-threat QB -- even moving them around depending on the defensive schemes -- has been Florida's most effective offense this season... even if Florida's own coaches won't stick with the concept.)

The coach has nothing to lose, except games. Sorry: More games.

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