Sunday, November 14, 2010

Broncos Tebow: 1st Pass, 1st TD Pass

Chalk up another milestone in Tim Tebow's NFL career: He threw his first pass -- and his first TD pass. They happened to come on the same pass.

Unlike the Broncos' rout of a loss to the Raiders a few weeks ago, when Tebow was ignored by Josh McDaniels, Tebow made the most of his opportunities in the Broncos' blowout of the Chiefs:

Tebow not only threw for a TD, but ran for one, too -- that gives Tebow 4 TDs on the season, including 3 rushing.

Let's put that in perspective: That is more rushing TDs than Ray Rice. It is more TDs than heralded 1st-round-draft-pick rookie RBs Ryan Matthews or CJ Spiller. It is more than Broncos teammate -- and starting RB -- Knowshon Moreno.

And Tebow's 4 total TDs accounted for are more than a slew of players, including future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, All-Pro WR Andre Johnson and many more.

What you hope today's game indicates is that when the Broncos are inside the 5-yard-line, it's Tebow Time -- and he delivers. Maybe McDaniels might even consider using Tebow in more situations than on the 1-yard-line. (Probably not, but you can certainly hope.)

Suddenly, my over-under for Tebow TDs this season at 7 doesn't look unreasonable. Just give him the ball, and Tebow does the rest.


  1. I missed the video footage of Tebow throwing his first TD pass and as of now can't find it on Youtube. Could you please post a link if/when you track one down? Thanks!

  2. There is a great link on and also on the official Broncos website! It was a great game for Tebow!

  3. This is nice blog about Tim

  4. Thanks Belinda. That's a great article.