Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Broncos Tebow: New Role, New Dog?

A round-up of interesting Tebow-related stories floating around:

*"Tebow Package" must evolve. (L. Jones, Denver Post)

*More on need to expand Tebow's plays. (M. Krieger, Denver Post)

*Designing a successful pass play for Tebow. (National Football Post)

*Tebow on a 2-year development plan. (Denver Post)

*Should Tebow get more touches? Me: Um...yes. (

*Tebow gets a dog: Bronco. (LB Sports)


  1. Judging by the older pic of Bronco on Tim's site, Tim's had him for over a month. But he's only now revealed that he's named the dog BRONCO, of all things. Typical Tim.

  2. Why do journalists talk as if they know something as fact when they don't? One of those guys was saying Orton's contracts extension was proof Tebow was on a 2 year plan. Matt Cassel got a max contract extension by the Patriots, does that mean Cassel was on a 5 year plan?

    My point is that Orton's contract had very little to do with Tebow IMO. It was based more on Orton's trade value than anything else.

  3. @Brooke going by the size of the feet on that pup he'd better nickname him "Hoss"!

    @RR That Orton extension seemed to pop out right after Quinn was playing so horribly in preseason-always wondered if that had anything to do with it.

  4. Yeah, as soon as Tebow's site launched, there was a pic of him holding a much smaller version of Bronco (not long after his head had been shaved), introducing "the newest member of the family" ... that pup's gonna be HUGE!!! :o) Cute dog. Cuter QB. haha ...