Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trey Burton Does His Best Tebow

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Ha: I'll leave that to someone else, but Trey Burton did something that even Tim Tebow never did:

6 TDs. In a single game.

What is most remarkable, of course, is that Burton is just a freshman. Not only did he top any single game's worth of TDs that Tebow had as a freshman, but he topped any production from Tebow at Florida... ever.

Wild stuff, to be sure.

What does Burton in 2010 have in common with Tebow in 2006?

For starters, both are arguably their team's offensive MVPs, even in a non-starting role. After 4 games, Burton has reached that point. And in 2006, I think a strong case can be made that Tebow -- even in a limited role -- played the most critical role in the team's success.

Which brings the two players together: Four games into Trey Burton's Florida career, Urban Meyer has used him at least extensively a he had used Tebow four games into Tebow's career.

2006 Week 1: Tebow had one touch (and one TD).

2006 Week 2: Tebow accounted for 143 yards, including a team-high 9 carries for 62 yards and 6/9 passing for another 81. But no TDs in a Florida route of UCF.

2006 Week 3: 7 carries for 29 yards against Tennessee. Zero TDs, but that critical, season-saving 2-yard run on 4th-and-1 in the 4th quarter on a drive that would end with the Gators' game-winning TD.

2006 Week 4: 6 carries for 73 yards and 1/2 passing for 12 yards (but 0 TDs) in a fairly easy win over Kentucky.

You get the sense -- even with an eventual outcome of a national championship -- that four games into the 2006 season Urban Meyer really wanted to use Tim Tebow a lot more than he did -- particularly in the red zone or near the goal-line. (Something you saw in Week 6 when Urban unleashed Tim Tebow near the goal-line against LSU.)

And so, four years and two championships and top-of-his-profession success later, Urban is doing with Burton exactly what he wanted to do with Tebow this early in the season five seasons ago.

Urban is removing the starting QB in key red-zone situations and letting Burton run the offense. And he is calling Burton's number (or should I say NEW number), over and over.

When you score 6 TDs in a single game -- in the fourth game of your college career -- the possibilities seem sort of limitless. It is exciting to see Urban Meyer taking advantage.

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels might take a lesson.


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  2. Tim also had 7 touchdowns (5 rushing, 2 passing)against South Carolina in 2007

  3. Yeah, I can't believe so many people forgot about those 7 TDs in Columbia. It pretty much sewed up his Heisman in 2007. I get that everyone wants to move past Tim and all, but this is the second time the UF Sports Info team has tried to credit Burton with doing something Tim never did that, um, he actually DID. At least the first time they realized it during the game and corrected it among the media in the booth. I'm still hearing people go around touting this false stat and I knew it was wrong the second Schlereth said it during the ESPNU broadcast. What gives?

  4. Trey holds the FRESHMAN record. Once Gator Nation gets to know him, everyone will want to remodel their spare bedroom and adopt him --He will be bigger than Superman.