Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tebow Doesn't Play vs. Seahawks

Tim Tebow's home debut for the Denver Broncos was a non-event from a Tebow-standpoint -- unless you judge "good days" on wins, in which case it was a terrific outcome.

It should surprise no one that the way Kyle Orton was playing -- like an All-Pro, frankly -- that Josh McDaniels wouldn't even put Tebow in for a change-of-pace play or two.

I actually thought that the offense was chugging along so smoothly -- and the game was so securely in hand -- that I thought McD might put Tebow in for a few plays.

He didn't, but it's not like Orton didn't deserve to take every snap along the way, all the way to the winning finish. I'm sure Tebow was thrilled to see the team get its first win of the season.


  1. Can you imagine if Orton was hurt, up 31-14, late in the 4th quarter? It's not a matter of him deserving every snap, it's a matter of preserving him for the next game...

  2. Exactly, Alan. That is what I kept telling my husband! Why risk injury to the primary QB when you are already assured of the win? A no brainer to this fan. I was completely flummoxed by the decision to not play Tim.

  3. I'm just as much of a Tebow fan as you guys, but that's the way it goes in NFL games. You didn't see Peyton Manning come out of the game on Sunday night when the Colts had an even bigger lead on the Giants than the Broncos had on the Seahawks. Orton earned those snaps because he helped win that game for the Broncos.
    Tebow's time will come. Let's be patient and enjoy a great Broncos win.