Friday, September 17, 2010

Broncos Tebow Week 2: Seahawks

It is Week 2 of Tim Tebow's rookie NFL season, and this week's milestone is his first-ever (regular-season/"real") home game, against the Seattle Seahawks, in front of what should be a frenzied, pro-Tebow crowd of Broncos fans.

If offseason jersey sales and training-camp attendance figures are to be believed, the crowd should be decked out in Tebow gear. (My blue Tebow Broncos jersey finally arrived -- 6 weeks after ordering it -- a little earlier this week.)

All signals point to similar use of Tebow as last week: 2-3 plays, with the expectation that they will be QB keepers. (That makes it a perfect moment for McDaniels to switch things up and either let Tebow pass or pull off something besides a plunge up the gut.)

No posting until Sunday, as I'll be observing Yom Kippur, but as I will be planted in front of my TV on gameday, expect some updates throughout the late-afternoon game.

In the meantime, pleasantly recall the way Tebow crushed Tennessee throughout his Florida career.

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  1. Wait a cotton-picking minute. You mean to tell me that you ordered your Tebow Jersey six weeks ago? Dan, I got mine in May. C'mon now.