Friday, September 3, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Vikings Post-Script

Sorry for the light posting in the wake of Tim Tebow's preseason finale versus the Vikings. I have been in transit to Tebow Country -- St. Augustine -- since the early morning and just arrived.

(Yes, my stay will include not one but two Gator home games -- alas, I will by flying out of Jacksonville one hour before Tebow and the Broncos kick off against the Jaguars.)

Let's talk briefly about the game last night:

*It was Tebow's most extensive and valuable playing time yet, which can only help.

*The first play was... well, forgettable: A fumble that turned into 6 for the Vikings. He also threw an interception -- turnovers plagued the Broncos, generally.

*All in all, though, Tebow showed poise in completing 12 of 16 passes, including a TD.

I will check in from the Swamp, but look for extensive Tebow/NFL Preview coverage here next week, as we gear up for Tim Tebow's first real NFL game.*

(* -- That's a hint: I think he will get 4-6 snaps in Jacksonville, including the chance to make a play from inside the red zone. Josh McDaniels has big plans for Tebow right away.)


  1. I admit that Tebow certainly looked like a rookie at times last night, but at other times he flashed his greatness. For the most part, his passes were dead on and thrown like a missile. His TD pass was as good as it gets. It was nice to see him scramble for yards and I wish they used him in their 4th and inches situations. He will be the backup and will do great things.