Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Broncos Tebow: No Change in Strategy

Don't expect Josh McDaniels to change his strategy with Tim Tebow. I will say this: He could definitely afford to try to expand things a little bit.

An aside: Tebow takes a lot of caustic grief for not being "ready" or "able" for the NFL. But did you see Kevin Kolb? Heck, did you see Mark Sanchez last night? These are "starters," apparently.

Let's put it more plainly: Even playing in his first-ever NFL game -- and let's credit the Packers and Ravens defenses as being awesome -- Tebow could have done better than Kolb or Sanchez.

UPDATE: Worthwhile perspective from the AV Club, but I'd throw in there that I'm not suggesting he start (yet) -- and I'm not sure even the most ardent Tebow fans think he should be starting right now. Also note that the AVC seems to be fine with Tebow starting eventually, just not -- y'know -- Week 2. Fair enough.


  1. Denver Post took reader comment on Tebow packages and upcoming Seattle game.


  2. @ProteinBarGirl: Thanks for the link.

    @Dan: LOL at the Kolb & Sanchez comment.