Sunday, August 1, 2010

So About That Tebow Season Opener...

I just booked a trip to Florida with my family for the first week of September. We will be in Gainesville for Florida's season opener, then a trip to the beach, then back to Gainesville for the Jewish high holidays (and another Gator football game), then a flight out of Jacksonville that happens to coincide with Tebow's NFL opener -- in Jacksonville.


The sound you just heard was me banging my head against the wall, after I booked an 11:50 a.m. flight out of Jacksonville, when the Tebow-Jaguars game starts at 1 pm.

My attention was on getting a flight that would work with flying with two kids under the age of 4; the next available flight wasn't until the evening; we wouldn't get home until 10 or 11. Logistically, I was thinking about my family, not football. (That'll teach me!)

And so in one of the most insanely followed games of the season -- by fans in Florida, Colorado and around the NFL -- and in the signature Tebow/Teblog game of the year, I will be airborne. That I will be on JetBlue and able to track the game in progress is little consolation. (As I have been predicting for months, I think he will be given plenty of chances to make an impact, including a TD or two. It's just bound to happen that way.)

There will likely be more Tebow fans in the stadium than Jaguars fans. (Hopefully, we can go to the Jaguars tailgate area in the early-morning and spot for ourselves just how Tebow-crazy everything is.)

Just without me in attendance, apparently. It's like an O. Henry short story that the editor of TimTeblog will be in Jacksonville for the day of the Broncos-Jaguars game -- Tim Tebow's NFL debut and a veritable homecoming game, in his hometown and among his loyal college fans -- and won't be able to attend. The cruel irony!

That earns a big, fat "D'oh!"

(I will now revise my prediction that he will score at LEAST two TDs -- the 1st he was always going to, and now a 2nd because it would maximize the irony of me being so close to attending, yet about 36,000 feet up and a couple hundred miles away.)


  1. Wow, that's even worse than the camping trip that my wife plans every year on the same weekend as the LSU/Florida game even though I remind her repeatedly.
    Yours is worse, but because mine is every year, yours is not much worse.

  2. Timmy's first touchdown will be in this game, a rush from the 11 yard line at third and two. I've seen it, and it can't be changed!! He will be on the cover of SI for it!!

  3. We planned our wedding date around the South Carolina football schedule and I feel sure that when the time for kids comes, I'll be asked to plan my delivery around that same schedule....ah, the loyalty of us football nuts!

  4. Hey Dan - I'm interested to hear your thoughts regarding this link. If Tebow does not move up on the depth chart how will he get into the endzone in JAX (assuming no injuries to Orton or Quinn)? Thanks!

  5. I can totally relate.. I am traveling to Gville for the USF game, and am flying back during the Den-Jax game as well. When I was planning my trip, I actually checked the Broncos' schedule to plan my flight back. I mistakenly thought the Broncos were playing Seattle that day at 2 p.m. MST.

    Alas, I could've stayed in FL another day to catch the Jax game. But I will be in the air during it (on my way back to Denver), on Delta, which does not have in-flight tv :(