Monday, August 2, 2010

Camp Tebow: Report from Broncos Fan

Great thanks to Teblog reader Ryan R. for his first-hand account of attending the opening day of Broncos training camp:
The place was a zoo. My wife and I got there with our 2-year-old son and 9-month-old daughter at 8:45 AM when it was scheduled to start.

We had to park almost a mile away and hike it to the fields. Then we waited in line for 45 minutes before we could even get in there as they had already reached capacity and we had to wait until people left before we could get in the gates.

Most of the people around us in line seemed to be attributing the huge turnout to Tebow. A local news crew was interviewing people in line right by us and all of the questions they were asking had to with Tebow.

I'd say 1 in 4 fans that were wearing sports gear were either wearing Gator gear (like my son and I) or were sporting a Broncos Tebow shirt or jersey. The crowd was VERY pro-Tebow, screaming and chanting his name every time he took a snap, completed a pass, or ran it hard up the middle. The rest of the players got golf claps.

Tebow looked....ok. About what one could expect from a rookie quarterback on Day 1 of training camp. On the way home we listened to the local sports talk radio and there was one sports jock who was nit-picking everything Tebow did. Of course this guy has been bearish on Tebow from the day he was drafted.

It was quite an experience. Can't wait to see the Broncos (and hopefully some Tebow) in person at their home opener against Seattle.
Thanks again, Ryan. Always love the first-hand reports. (Of course, given last night's situation, another reminder of "D'oh!")

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