Thursday, August 12, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Start at QB Sooner?

Should Tebow start right now? The Denver Post's Woody Paige tackles that uber-macro issue related to Tim Tebow this rookie season. Per Paige:

"McDaniels had the guts to pick Tebow, but not the nerve to start him immediately."

Here is the crux of Paige's argument of why Tebow should start right now:

*Tebow is a winner.
*He is mobile.
*He can throw short as well as Kyle Orton.
*His exhibition PT will accelerate his development.

And then there's this, based on the idea that the Broncos aren't going to make the playoffs this season -- no matter who is playing QB, including Orton:

"As the starter, Tebow would give the franchise hope, national relevance and excitement unlike anything witnessed in Broncos Country since briefly in 2005 and consistently from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s."

I'm a big believer that if you're not going to win championships -- or at least make the playoffs -- you better find a way to be relevant while you rebuild. Tebow would offer that -- along with the promise that pain now will translate into gains later.

It might be hard for Broncos fans to accept this season as a stepping stone (that their team is closer to Bradford's Rams or Freeman's Bucs than Sanchez's Jets or Ryan's Falcons), but they really need to take the long view here: Give Tebow reps as the starter now now, while the team is in rebuilding mode; reap benefits faster -- in Years 2, 3 and beyond.

Tebow might not -- will not -- start the season as the starting QB. But you can bet that as soon as it appears the team will not be making the playoffs, he will be starting. He should be starting.

That's in the best interests of the team's and the player's development. And, to Paige's point, you will never see a losing team get so much attention or be so relevant as you will with the Broncos using Tebow as starting QB.


  1. Well put. It seems the serious injuries they've already sustained-esp Dumervil's-have made Tim starting sometime this year almost a lock. The question is: Will Tim be ready for it or will he go back to relying on running too much & get seriously injured himself?

  2. I have a bet going with a co-worker that Tebow will start at least one game this season. I also think in Jacksonville week 1 the crowd will bew chanting his name to see him play.