Sunday, August 15, 2010

Broncos Tebow: NFL Debut Success

Let's start with this: Tim Tebow made an otherwise entirely forgettable first-week Sunday-night preseason game between the Broncos and Bengals into An Event.

*Next: Regardless of how Tebow played -- we'll get to that in a second -- the bigger issue is that the No. 2 QB role is entirely up for grabs after Brady Quinn's miserable performance. (I think it is clear that Tebow will be the No. 2 QB for the team, if only because it gives Josh McDaniels the strategic flexibility to deploy Tebow creatively.)

*Now, on to Tebow's performance: Entered to boos from Ohio fans, promptly completed his first pass, and finished 8-of-13 for 105 yards (would have been a lot more if WR Matthew Willis didn't drop the sweet 35-yard strike on that first series), plus 2 rushes... including that running TD (naturally) as time expired in the 4th quarter.

Tebow: "I saw an opening, so I went to go get it and thankfully got in there." (OnlyGators has the video.)

*All in all, a perfectly fine start, given that it was Tebow's first-ever NFL game situation -- regardless of whether it was against 3rd-teamers. (I'd contend 3rd-teamers try extra-hard.)

*Much commotion was made over Tebow's throwing motion -- mechanics he has been working on since January. Reviews were mixed. Some said it didn't look like there was any change; I trust Smart Football's Chris Brown, who noted that Tebow's delivery looked quicker.

Let's give Josh McDaniels the last word:

"Tim showed the ability to take what the defense gave him late, in that two-minute drive. He didn't panic. He showed some toughness getting it in, and I thought he made some loose plays. That's part of him. You can't script him in practice, but sometimes he's going to make those plays and when he makes them, sometimes they're big ones."

The Denver Post has the complete game story. Here is a video clip of the Tebow TD:


  1. You're mentioned in the NYT's Tebow column today:

  2. I wonder what his QB rating would have been had Willis held on to that 35-yard pass and perhaps made it to the endzone?

  3. Yeah, you're a real blogger, are you on vacation? You must post about twice a year...

  4. YOU have to be the laziest, sorriest blogger in the history of anything!! Are you on vacation, or are you in some type of trouble where we can send you some bail money? Tebow is the greatest to come down the pike in many a moon, and you can't even pen a few paragraphs in three weeks.