Saturday, August 7, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Leitch's "5280" Profile

I mentioned that cover story in Denver's "5280" magazine about Tim Tebow written by my friend Will Leitch. The piece is finally online, and here's a link. It is very well done and worth your read.

Here is Leitch's kicker:

“Football is just a platform for me,” he says, alluding to his very public faith. “The games are a bonus. But I also recognize that to keep that platform, I have to perform. I think Denver fans will see how willing I am to work hard to make sure I keep it.” He pauses. “I think I can make that work.”

And there it is, plainly stated, appropriately humble and yet supremely confident. What, or where, does this come from? Does it come from the fact that he has always been told he was a golden boy—the Golden Boy—and he can’t understand a universe in which he isn’t the best? Or does it come from within, from his God, from an inner confidence that only he understands?

An American icon, in the prime of his life, conqueror of all that he has ever surveyed, is now the Christian being thrown into the lion’s den. He has been handed the future of the Broncos. It’s all on his shoulders. It’s a big moment in Denver. Does Tim Tebow look nervous to you? He doesn’t look nervous to me.

Read the whole thing here.


  1. From the first paragraph of the article: 'his cropped hair tousled just so'.

    It doesn't look like that anymore:

    I'd hate to be a rookie in the NFL.