Thursday, August 19, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Rib Injury?

When Tim Tebow scored that touchdown on the final play of the preseason opener on Sunday night, there was one thing that concerned me: When he got up after scoring, he looked banged up.

The first sign? He offered none of his typical emotion. Yes, it was ultimately a losing game, but I expected him to show at least some enthusiasm after scoring.

Instead, he merely looked pummeled -- and he was, sandwiched between two Bengals defensive players. Tebow didn't take any hits to the head, but he did get thumped in the midsection.

Today at practice, Tebow left the field with a trainer, with speculation that there are some lingering effects from the game-ending hit.

The word is that it's his ribs. Don't be surprised to see Tebow held out of the 2nd preseason game. (Although, as the Post put it, if it was the regular season, he would play.)

Will missing the game stunt his development? Not really. His role the first 6-10 weeks was going to be getting a half-dozen carries a game in short-yardage or red-zone situations; they need him as healthy as possible for the regular season.

Of course, the injury begs the question -- asked by many, including on a radio interview I did yesterday -- of whether Tebow can take the pummeling without feeling the effects.

Credit the Post for zeroing in on the larger point: Defensive players will be ready to deliver his "Welcome to the NFL" hits, but should Tebow modify his style for the situation?

(Here's the thing: If he had gotten up from that TD unscathed, no one would be asking that question -- as they didn't until the injury effects surfaced. Big hits happen.)


  1. This injury's confirmed what current & former NFL-types have been saying for months, if not longer: Tim's not going to be able to bulldoze his way through guys like he did at UF. These guys on Sunday were 3rd stringers. If he'd done that against 1st stringers, he probably would have had to be carried off the field. He's going to have to become a true pocket passer w/only the occasional run & slide.

  2. (Sorry for the double post) What I'm concerned about is that I don't think the team's confirmed that it's 'just' a rib injury. Klis put the ribs meme out there (which makes sense, given that Tebow was wearing the flak jacket), & someone else said the ribs were merely bruised. But I don't think anyone 'official' has said anything yet & I wonder if he's even had an MRI or other test to confirm that it's just his ribs & not something else. For Tim to now be missing 2 practices (he's not even at today's practice), he must be in a lot of pain.

    "Here's the thing: If he had gotten up from that TD unscathed, no one would be asking that question -- as they didn't until the injury effects surfaced. Big hits happen."
    Yes, they do. Which is exactly why Tim IS going to have to change his style in the NFL. As for 'no one would be asking that question', for many months countless people have been not only asking, but flat out saying that Tim's not going to be able to play the same way in the NFL that he did in college. I like the way someone on ESPN phrased it the other day: Hits like that (the endzone hit) are the reason QBs who liked to run in college learn to throw in the NFL. Because of his height & weightlifting, Tim's been bigger than many of the defenses he's gone up against in college. He isn't anymore. Run and slide sometimes? Yes. Ram his way through 1st string NFL guys? No.

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  4. Tebow has been taking hits since high school. Didn't he play on a broken leg? Didn't he play with a separated shoulder and another time with a broken hand in college?

    Maybe it's more than bruised ribs or maybe the Broncos can't afford to take any more injury risks in the preseason. Keep him out. Don't aggravate the injury more. Champ Bailey has missed more than one practice this week along with other Broncos. It's hardly earth shattering. It happens.

    Will Tebow have to learn to play smarter? Yes. With a weak third string O line he could just as easily get hurt during the next brutal sack.

    At this point it's amounting to a lot of public scrutiny because he's Tebow.

    Is it ideal he's missing valuable practice time and snaps during a preseason game? No. Do the calls to demote Quinn now seem a bit premature? Yes. But something tells me Tebow can handle it.

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  6. "Will Tebow have to learn to play smarter? Yes."

    I like the way you put that. That's what I was feebly trying to say in my posts. Tim's still going to be able to run sometimes, but he's also going to have to avoid the kind of hits he took on Sunday. His endzone play was re-aired on NFL Network & ESPN many times this week & everytime I saw it, the commentators would all say something like, 'He won't last long in the NFL if he keeps doing that'. And they're right. Tim can't get any tougher, b/c he's already as tough as it gets. But he can learn to play smarter. This is the way one of Tim's Bronco teammates put it: "He has a warrior's mentality," Broncos safety Brian Dawkins said. "Which is good, but at the same time, being able to decipher when and when not to. Hopefully he won't have to learn the hard, hard way."

  7. I think it's a huge mistake to jump to conclusions.. what if Tebow had had a fluke injury in his first action at Florida? Does that mean knee jerking fans and coaches would have prevented the greatest college career in history?

    I hate to say it because it sounds like whining and sounds unfair but I put this on the coach.. Tebow shouldn't be playing with third stringers.. especially when he has a bullseye on his back the size of the rocky mountains. This is the exact same reason Tebow should have never played in the senior bowl. It's as if people are creating their own reality. Tebow has been downgraded as a NFL prospect for no real reason.. and it's almost as if people are daring him to do these kinds of things by doubting him so much. he is really in a no win situation and his coach should have seen this coming.

    What is pretty ironic though is that Tebow had the biggest bullseye on him and had the best showing of any of the rookie QBs with significant playing time.

    I actually think being conservative with Tebow may have been what hurt him. If McDaniels had ran a couple designed runs for Tebow he would have likely been more successful and reduced his chances of injury and it would have eliminated the chance of a INT which would have been viewed as a failure for Tebow.