Monday, August 30, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Game in Review

The good: Tebow's first passing TD -- a 3-yarder to fellow rookie Eric Decker. (If the Broncos' plans work out, Tebow-to-Decker will be a big combo in the 2nd half of the decade.)

The bad: The INT. (And, only tangentially related to Tebow, Kyle Orton deciding to ram into James Harrison.)

The ugly: As Josh McDaniels pointed out, the INT wasn't as bad as the missed opportunities on 3rd down, especially that first underthrow to Eddie Royal.

The best part is that it's only the preseason -- every snap is a learning experience. At a macro level, the biggest news is that Tebow played ahead of Brady Quinn.

The final preseason game is Thursday night against the Vikings -- Tebow and Brett Favre on the same field? The internet might explode.

Then: 10 days until the regular-season opener at Jacksonville, in which you can expect to see Tebow used in ways you have not during the preseason.

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  1. I thought he played very well. Lots of zip on his passes. As for his INT, all the big name QBs have thrown them this preseason. I think the new throwing mechanics affected his underthrow on the 3rd down play. Let's not forget the drop on the 3 yard line that would have positioned Denver for a TD during the first drive. 'Can't wait to see how they'll slip him during the season opener.