Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Tebow: SEC Media Days

Today marks the start of SEC Media Days, which if you remember from last year, was more like "Tebow Media Days."

Especially for those who weren't aware of last July, let's revisit some of the highlights:

*Did you know that the "Saving Yourself for Marriage" question was previewed here before it happened? Teblog readers knew it was coming.

*The "virgin" thing (he was never actually asked if he was a "virgin," only if he was saving himself for marriage) became a HUGE story. (See the complete exchange here.)

*Given the hysteria, I was particularly proud of my analysis of the situation: Read my take here.

*Then there was "Vote-gate" -- the question of which SEC coach did NOT vote for Tebow as 1st-team all-SEC. (Turns out it was... Spurrier, in an "oversight.")

*Tebow's session with the media was one of the biggest events of the college football season. Here are some reactions.

*Tebow himself, on the Tebow backlash: "Oh well." (I argue the backlash -- at least at the time, if not perpetually -- was entirely overblown.)

This year's SEC Media Days won't be nearly as interesting.

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