Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tim Tebow Signs Deal With Broncos

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos have made their deal: 5 years, $11.25 million, with that all-important "guaranteed" money set at $8.7 million -- $200K more than Dez Bryant, taken one pick earlier than Tebow. (That's either the "QB bonus" or the "Tebow bonus.")

All in, the contract contains incentives that could make it as lucrative as $33 million. (Let's hope winning Offensive Rookie of the Year was one of the incentives -- TimTeblog readers know how I feel about the chances of that happening.)

The news is a big deal: Tebow is under contract -- a business formality that often trips up big-name rookies. It is behind him. Now, he can simply concentrate on arriving at practice tomorrow at 11 a.m. MT -- which will be a circus, thanks to Tebow's arrival -- and getting down to work.

One more milestone reached: Tebow has signed his first NFL contract.


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