Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tebow Leads NFL in Jersey Sales

Straight from CNBC's Darren Rovell: Tim Tebow is leading the NFL in jersey sales.

Not sales of rookie jerseys.

The entire NFL. Favre. Manning. Brady. Romo. Brees. McNabb.

All behind Tebow.

Who said Tim Tebow can't lead the entire league in jersey sales as a rookie? (Not me!)


  1. I went to Ft. Pierce last Saturday for Tim Tebow Day and went with a friend to a private meet and greet. It was an amazing time!! If you want to see pics, they are on my Facebook, friend request Christy Labonte.

  2. The best price for a jersey that I've found is $50 at JC Penney. Google JC Penney Tim Tebow jersey; then google jcpenney sports fan code for free shipping or other discount on your order.

  3. I've got a lot of Facebook requests recently- if you want to see the Tebow pics, please put that in the personal message when you request me, otherwise I will ignore the request. Thanks!