Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Philanthropy Tebow: Shands Playroom

When I talk about Tim Tebow's philanthropic efforts being unfairly characterized or assumed to be entirely faith-based, I often bring up Tebow's efforts to raise money for the University of Florida's Shands health-care system -- the first I saw of it directly was related to the powder-puff game.

Via OnlyGators, here is even better detail about the latest:
His First and 15 Foundation was also a featured part of a brand new playroom addition to Shands Children’s Hospital‘s pediatric cancer facility; the organization donated $156,000 used to buy high definition televisions, video game consoles and the like.
It is a terrific cause -- and entirely unrelated to evangelism. This is a humanist initiative, giving back to his college community and committed to making children's experiences in the hospital less stressful. Hopefully, even the haters can appreciate the effort.


  1. Dan,

    I like your blog but think Tim would be very offended by your statment that his efforts at Shands are humanist and implication that it has little or nothing to to do with his Christianity.

    Lenny Chew/Tampa, FL

  2. @Lenny: All of Tim's altruism is, of course, rooted in his faith. But I think what Dan was pointing out is that this cause was secular, rather than faith-based (like a Church or a missionary organization). Also, Tim lives by very high standards, but after spending much of his life in boy's & men's locker rooms, I doubt Tim's easily offended by much. :)