Thursday, July 22, 2010

Broncos Tebow: "Wild Tebow" Offense

"[P]articularly in red zone and goal-line situations, in which the Broncos struggled last year, this season's most interesting innovation seems likely to be a heavy dose of the wild Tebow."

-- Mark Krieger of the Denver Post, on why we will likely see a ton of Tim Tebow this season.

This is well-trod ground: I've been saying it here for months; any Gator fan who remembers 2006 (let alone 2007) knows how effective Tebow can be in limited doses; and even Peter King took the theory wide in his big SI profile a few weeks ago.

(It is kind of amusing to see Denver sports media finally pick up on it, in the same way they didn't understand the entire Tebow phenomenon when he was drafted.)

It's all a big part of the old #tebowcant theme: "Tebow can't possibly contribute as a rookie." And, as with most "tebowcant" pronouncements, it is more likely to be proven wrong than right.

I have yet to see anyone match my prediction that Tebow will account (either passing or running) for 7-10 TDs this season and win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

The former might be too conservative; the latter might not account for rookies who get more of a full-time role. (Then again, a year ago, Percy Harvin won it with limited touches.)

I am glad to see the theory -- that Tebow will, in fact, get plenty of snaps (important ones) -- get more mainstream attention.

Tebow's success in the NFL -- certainly this season -- has always been predicated on a coach willing to break from NFL orthodoxies and get massively innovative.

It was a big reason that so many people thought that Tebow was a great fit for Bill Belichick; as a Belichick disciple, Josh McDaniels feels like an even purer expression of that innovation.

I think we will see something spectacular -- at least a TD or two -- as early as Week 1 in Jacksonville. Don't say you didn't see it coming....