Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Waiting on Deal

So, technically, Tim Tebow is a "holdout" from Broncos training camp. But let's be honest: The deal is coming imminently and will hardly be held against him.

See Chris Mortenson's tweet just now:

"On all rookie signing questions, start the worrying when it gets past 7-to-10 days. Otherwise, they'll get done"

The Tebow-Broncos deal will get done, probably today. If not today, then tomorrow. And by Saturday, any "holdout" will have been long-forgotten.

We get down to real business.


  1. 5 year deal ... $33 million/$8.7 mil guaranteed. Why didn't he get more guaranteed if the original deal was $12 million/$8 million?

  2. For anyone who knows about NFL salaries: Am I right in assuming that Tebow did settle for less b/c the guaranteed didn't go up by much and that it seems like a lot of that $33 mil is going to be in incentives?

  3. It's a 5 year $11.25 contract. So the other 22 million is all incentive based.

  4. What I've been reading/hearing is that the $11+ mil figure is simply the 'realistic' amount (the guaranteed+realistic incentives), but the $33 mil figure includes some 'nearly impossible to achieve' incentives. If that's true, that sounds like typical Tim: having a contract w/added motivation for him built-in. LOL.

  5. Here's some more details on Tebow's contract. Guess it's closer to $9.7 million.