Monday, July 19, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Starting QB By Week 12?

Great catch by OnlyGators of a Bill Williamson ( AFC West blogger) on the Scott Van Pelt radio show talking -- what else? -- Tim Tebow.

Williamson said that he thinks Tebow will be starting by Week 12 -- or whenever it is clear that the Broncos will not be making the playoffs.

There are a couple of presumptions baked into that: First and foremost, that the Broncos won't be in playoff contention this season (which is probably fair).

Second, that Tebow will be the Broncos starting QB in 2011 -- and that as long as the team wasn't in playoff contention, they might as well get Tebow some experience as a starter right now.

I still am very bullish that Josh McDaniels will use Tebow aggressively early in the season, as early as Week 1 at Jacksonville, then consistently (perhaps even more aggressively) in following weeks, depending on the situations that present themselves -- short-yardage, red-zone, goal-line, etc.

Even in a non-playoff season, nothing would smooth the way for Tebow to take over as starter like a couple of TDs and key first downs on a regular basis -- not unlike the situation in 2006, where it was obvious Tebow was going to be a terrific QB once he got the starters' snaps.

Week 12 and beyond could turn out to be something like that Western Carolina game in 2006 -- a chance to get some live reps, particularly in as close to a no-pressure situation as it gets in the NFL in the regular season: When your team has been eliminated from playoff contention.

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