Friday, July 23, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Hold Out Very Unlikely

The Denver Post isn't offering much more than stirring up the pot with today's (non-)story asking whether Tim Tebow will "hold out" of training camp over contract negotiations.

Training camp starts next Wednesday. Tebow doesn't have a contract yet -- the first NFL 1st-round pick to sign (Dez Bryant) only did it yesterday.

There is a LOT of time between now and next Wednesday -- plenty of time for his agent and the Broncos to get close enough to make it happen.

I understand the realities of "slotting" -- where you get something between what the guy in front of you got and the guy behind you gets, with that number (from the player agent perspective) as high as possible.

But I also understand that with all due respect to Jimmy Sexton, Tebow has to recognize that his pristine brand would get blemished if he was a hold out and likely has said "Make it happen."

Even a million dollars -- whether guaranteed or over the life of the contract -- isn't worth it for a player with Tebow's brand. He more than makes up for it with other opportunities.

Look, it's very possible that even a hold-out wouldn't nick the Tebow brand. I just think that he won't hold out, because it is so antithetical to the way he presents himself and lives his life.

Last point: If Dez Bryant can sign a deal without knowing the market rates surrounding him, then Tebow surely will.

Prediction: This is a non-story. Tebow signs by next Wednesday.


  1. Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous to think that Tebow won't be anything less than 15 minutes early for day 1 of training camp.
    My prediction is he and Demaryius Thomas are signed by Monday night at the latest.

  2. Tim showed up for his post-Draft Day presser in Denver w/gym bag in hand, ready to work out & was only prevented from doing so by an NFL policy that forbids it. There would have to be something very weird going on for him not to be at camp.