Friday, July 30, 2010

Broncos Tebow: Haunting Jags Forever

The Sentinel's George Diaz argues that not drafting Tim Tebow will "haunt the Jaguars into eternity."

That is entirely, undoubtedly, 100 percent correct. I would argue that it was the biggest draft bungle in recent memory, by any team.

Speaking of the Sentinel, best wishes to college football impresario Andrea Adelson -- a friend and supporter of the Teblog -- who is moving on to become the lead national college football blogger for

Let's hope she remembers us down here. Best of luck, AA!


  1. As a saying goes "every thing happens for a reason". I truly believe that the Denver Broncos is the best fit for Tim because of its offense minded head coach in Josh McDaniels who is known to develop quarterbacks. If JM will design plays to optimize TT's exceptional football skills, the Broncos will be a Superbowl bound team sooner than expected.

    Go Broncos. I will continue to cheer for the Jaguars vs other teams except the Broncos.

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