Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brand Tebow: Nike Trainer 1.2

By now, you have heard all about Tim Tebow's exclusive EA-backed and Gator-stylized Nike Trainer 1.2 shoe. (Clay Travis, in typical fashion, has a good post about it on Fanhouse today.)

But Travis doesn't extend it far enough. Let me explain:

I was on the plane to Chicago on Friday and flipped open this past week's Sports Illustrated -- the print version (I almost always read online, but had a paper copy with me).

On the inside of the front cover -- a two-page spread -- was a Nike Trainer 1.2 ad featuring Tebow.

It wasn't the special blue shoe. It was an ad for the very same shoe they just released and that anyone could buy. (I think the model was a combo of white, black, gray and neon. Very sharp.)

It isn't that Tebow got his own limited edition sneaker edition -- it is that Tebow is the lead athlete for the entire Trainer 1.2 shoe line, across all of the shoe's marketing.

The limited-edition Gator version is awesome. But in the absence of that one, you can snag the same version he is wearing in the ad. At Niketown later in the weekend, I was certainly tempted.

The ad caps a breakthrough week for Brand Tebow: The release of the new EA NCAA Football 11 game with Tebow on the cover AND the brand campaign around the Nike shoe he is promoting.

With SEC Media Days starting tomorrow and NFL Training Camps starting next week, the timing couldn't be better. Last fall was the Season of Tebow; this fall looks like it will be, too.


  1. Wonder if the shoe comes in a women's version?

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