Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brand Tebow: The Next Bachelor?

So about this story that Tim Tebow was approached about being a future subject on "The Bachelor"...

(a) It is in the show's best interests to float Tebow as a potential Bachelor. Here's host Chris Harrison:

"I talked to Tim Tebow yesterday. I'm really not joking. His brother Robby was there. I asked him in front of God and Country. He hasn't said yes yet, but he did say he would be a better version then Jesse Palmer. I told him, "Wait until you play in the NFL first my friend, because Jesse Palmer was quite the bench warmer."

Oh, good grief.

(b) Tebow is way bigger than "The Bachelor," whose usual guys are previous season rejects, unsuccessful backup QBs and randoms. Not players who are arguably among the Top 5 biggest stars in their sports (see today's USA Today sports section front page, which ranks Tebow No. 3 among all athletes as "Most Influential). It would be like Lance Armstrong or LeBron -- or Tiger -- going on the Bachelor.

(c) That doesn't mean Tebow doesn't have a future on TV. He is arguably the most telegenic athlete in sports today -- and certainly recognizes the power of big platforms. That's why I could see him having his own show -- not unlike Shaq in "Shaq vs." -- rather than be ON a show. I could see it being something much more community-service oriented, like "Extreme Makeovers: Home Edition." (He is much more likely to guest-appear on a show like that.)

(d) But not before he plays this season and ensures that it is football first. Tebow has been very careful -- appropriately so -- about a 100 percent commitment to preparing for the season. Even the video game and shoe deals fit with football first.

(h/t: OnlyGators)


  1. I completely agree w/everything you've said, Dan. I really hope Tim doesn't go on 'The Bachelor'. I think Tim would actually lose a lot of his female fans if he appeared on it.

    And definitely Football First.

  2. Tim on "The Bachelor" wouldn't work. The type of girls they normally cast don't strike me as being Tim's "type," and if they were to cast girls that were, somehow I doubt that most people would want to watch. "The Bachelor" and its sister show thrive on drama and sex, two things that aren't Tim Tebow at all.

  3. I would be SHOCKED if he did the show. I think he would lose respect from a lot of his fans. All he said was that he would be a better version than Jesse- doesn't mean he is even considering doing it. I think he was just being nice to Chris Harrison.

  4. I would seriously question the sanity of his manager if that happened...

  5. I agree with everyone above - all of the reasons people like him are the same reasons he won't do it...but I'm not saying that I wouldn't DVR-watch-rewind-watch-rewind-watch every second of it!

  6. I could actually see this happening if Tebow has a great first season. But for it to happen I think they would have to really do it special for Tebow and it would revolve around him getting his message across. Imagine if he took all the girls to do charity work at his Dad's orphanages or something like that rather than all the wining and dining stuff.. but then I guess it wouldn't be the same show.. would be a great way to get exposure though.

  7. Would be like oil and water. Shouldn't happen.

  8. My reaction to the possibility of Tebow going on "The Bachelor"? Two words: "oy vey!!"