Monday, July 12, 2010

Brand Tebow: Greatest Shoes Ever

I am very serious when I say that these are the greatest sneakers I have ever seen, a special collaboration between Nike and EA in honor of this week's release of NCAA Football 11 with Tim Tebow on the cover. Presenting some amazing sneaker porn, via Sole Collector:

The shoes are blue and orange -- obviously -- but they feature incredible details, like stitching that says "PROMISE" with the September 2008 date, on one heel, and a bunch of years on the other heel representing Tebow's Heisman year (2007), National Titles (2006, 2008) and All-America years (2007, 2008, 2009).

Available in very limited quantities. Who does a guy have to know...?


  1. Good lord! I want two! One to wear proudly, and one to encase in a bulletproof glass class to fawn over and protect from the elements and evil Bulldog fans.

  2. Very cool shoes..I know my son will want them...oh, to wear those to school here in Dawg territory, Georgia! :)


    Here is a link to a photo of Tebow wearing the shoes

  4. Do they have them in girl version?

  5. I have them. Worn 2 times. Who wants them?

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