Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Slow Week on the Tebow Beat?

Having run this site at a break-neck pace since last July (and even earlier than that), the past week has been -- by far -- the slowest news cycle for all things related to Tim Tebow since... oh... probably the summer before his freshman year at Florida. On the plus side, I'm taking a visit down to Gainesville next week.

No worries: I will have more on the blog throughout this week.

For example: Chalk it up to yet another "#timtebowcant" pronouncement. In a list of the Top 20 rookies to watch for in fantasy football coming up next season, Tebow doesn't even crack Yahoo's expert list. That seems silly; Josh McDaniels will give Tebow plenty of chances inside the 10-yard-line, starting with the season-opener at Jacksonville. You all know my projection: Next season, Tebow will account for at least 7 TDs, passing or running.

See: Everything can be Tebow-related.

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