Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Tebow Eye-Black Message for EA

The defining visual for Tim Tebow were the Bible verses inked onto his eye-black.

It was a sensation during the 2008 national title game -- which, in turn, contributed as a big reason Tebow chose to return to Florida. Each week of the 2009 season, Tebow's new eye-black would draw instant attention. (Some of us even looked for hidden, football-related sub-texts.)

However, per Kotaku, there will be no Bible message on Tebow's eye-black on the cover of EA's NCAA Football 11. From a marketing standpoint, I understand it. I would also presume that is disappointing to the people who would have liked to see it.

But I can also see Tebow being entirely comfortable with EA's decision -- contrary to a lot of simplistic observation, Tebow has always displayed a sensitivity about imposing his beliefs on folks who wouldn't be interested in them. That extends to video gamers.

(It's not like people -- gamers or otherwise -- don't know about Tebow's well-publicized religious values. And reports like this only underscore that their ubiquity transcends one-time product placement.)


  1. Okay, they left the eye black off the cover...but what of the actual game? I think it would add to the realism and cause his proponents and opponents to game even harder...

  2. I thought they would've used eyeblack with EA:11 on it.

  3. .. but i'm glad they haven't btw