Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Broncos Tebow: "Option Fullback"

I have been as bullish on Tim Tebow's potential to contribute immediately for the Broncos as anyone. This column by Yahoo's Doug Farrar outlines precisely how Tebow could be deployed in red-zone and goal-line situations to create touchdowns by running or throwing -- in Farrar's construction, as an "option fullback." Let's say we could also call that a "dual-threat quarterback."

I will stick with my previous prediction that Tebow accounts for 8-10 TDs as a rookie -- running and throwing. That should be more than enough to qualify him for 2010 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (another prediction of mine). But it also discounts Tebow's ability to contribute on any "and-short" downs the Broncos might face, in the red zone or otherwise.

He will be able to materially shift the team's probability of winning games by earning first downs, which extend drives and chew up the clock.

So, OK: "Option Fullback." Sure. But here's my return request for Farrar: Convince the fantasy football honchos to give Tebow QB-RB-TE eligibility next season.

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